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Pdf print settings

There are a couple of adjustments that you can make to the generated pdf. It is possible to choose paper size (A4, A3, US Letter), change page orientation (portrait, landscape) and define page margins. It is also possible to edit the contact information and disclaimer text shown in the pdf footer area.

To edit the pdf settings for all reports go to your company profile and click “company settings” in the right sidebar. It is also possible to define pdf settings for a particular template only under template settings. Please note that template settings have priority over company settings.

1. Paper size & page orientation

Select required paper size or page orientation from the dropdown menus.

2. Pdf margins

Enter any value (e. g. 15) to define the page margins. Enter 0 for zero margins. Or leave empty for default margins.

3. Pdf footer

To customize pdf footer edit relevant fields in the Footer section. If you delete all information in one of the available rows, the row will not be rendered. If you delete all information in both rows, the footer will not be rendered at all.

To adjust footer settings for a particular template only go to template settings. Please see the second paragraph of this article for more information.

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