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Integrate the Fundpeak API

What is Fundpeak API?

The Fundpeak API is a way for developers to interact (import or export data) with TopSheets, allowing you to integrate our system (including it´s statistics, charts, etc.) into your website, mobile app or desktop software.

What do you need to do to integrate Fundpeak API?

Integrating the Fundpeak API is incredibly simple.

To set you up with your API credentials:
1) Click your name in the top right corner
2) Go to My profile
3) Click ‘Settings’
4) In Connections section click ‘Generate Hash’ button and then click ‘Save’.

The full documentation can be found at

Limits and quotas on API requests

The table below describes the limits and quotas of requesting the Fundpeak APIs.

Subscription package Max queries per hour
Basic 200
Premium 500
Plus 1000
Enterprise 2000

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