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Editing tables in the text editor

It is possible to enter HTML code into default text sections such as Strategy Description, Key Highlights, Disclaimer and Fund Managers Bio or into custom text articles.

1. Move your mouse over a text section and click “edit content” icon to enter the text editor.
2. Click Source button to display HTML code.

HTML Editing

Editing HTML source code or writing your own HTML requires some basic knowledge. However, existing elements can be edited without editing code. You can e. g. copy and paste the code from the example below. Then click the source button again to display the ordinary text editor. Right-click the table to open small editing menu which will allow you to edit the table.

HTML table sample

We prepared a simple HTML table for you as an example, see the code below. You can easily copy and paste this code into your article´s source code.

         <td>Last Month</td>
         <td>Last 3 Months</td>

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