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Add benchmarks

There is a large database of benchmarks (including ETFs, Mutual Funds or Stocks) available in Topsheets. If there is a benchmark missing, you can easily create your own custom benchmark (provided you have its performance data).

Benchmarks´ performance or their composition can be displayed in most of our tables and charts. There can be as many benchmarks in your investment performance report as you like.

Adding benchmarks from our database

  1. Select a program in the left frame.
  2. Click Benchmarks in the right editing frame (see at picture below).
  3. Choose one of the “Main benchmarks” or click “All Benchmarks” tab to search for benchmarks. Then click Save. (If you would like to use more benchmarks click Add.)

Adding custom benchmarks

  1. Click New Benchmark in the left frame (see picture below).
  2. Add name for your new benchmark, then click Save.
  3. Update benchmarks´ performance as described at Update or import your data.
  4. Follow steps 1. and 2. from above (Adding benchmarks from our database).
  5. Custom benchmarks can be selected under the “Main benchmarks” tab.

Maximum number of benchmarks being displayed

Any chart has an option to limit number of benchmarks being displayed. Please see Delete benchmarks for more information.

How to add Benchmarks – video tutorial

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