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Add benchmark

You can add a new main benchmark or create your own custom benchmark. Performance of the benchmark can be displayed in its own table separated from the investment program´s performance. There can be as many benchmarks in your investment performance report as you like.

Main Benchmark

  1. Select a program in the left frame.
  2. Click Benchmarks in the right editing frame (see at picture below).
  3. Choose one of the main benchmarks or click More and find the benchmark you want, then click Save. (If you want to use more than two benchmarks, click Add.)
  4. You can also use ETFs, Mutual Funds, or Stocks as benchmarks.

Custom Benchmark

  1. Click New Benchmark in the left frame (see at picture below)
  2. Add name for your new benchmark, then click Save
  3. Update performance for your new benchmark (please see other Help question – how to update Monthly/Daily performance).

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