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Template Editor

The template editor allows users to change their factsheet´s layout. It is possible to change position of elements (texts, tables and charts) and also to add and remove elements as needed. Please note that not every standard template is ready to be opened in the editor yet. We keep continually adding more templates.

1. Open template in the editor

Select a program in the left sidebar and click “Template Editor”. If you do not see the “Template Editor” link, please follow the steps 1a, 1b and 1c.

1a. To open a template in tempate editor, click “Choose Template” in the left frame. See this topic for more information about choosing templates.

1b. Look for templates that have “Copy and Edit in Editor” link below the image. Click on the link to open the editor.

1c. Edit the template to suit your needs. The template will be saved automatically among your custom templates. To access your templates click “Choose Template” as described in step one.

2. Using the template editor

The image below describes the basic functions. There is also a video tutorial available, see below. Any changes made to to the template can be restored using Undo, Change history or Start over buttons.

3. Lock Layout

There are two ways to lock elements in the template editor (see below). In both cases the locks remain in place only within one editor session. If you exit or refresh the editor, locks will disappear.

Locking individual widgets

It is possible to lock widgets individually. Locked widgets are highlighted in red color and will stay on the same position when you move another widgets or make any other changes in the editor. To lock a widget simply click on the lock icon in widget´s top right corner.

Locking the whole Layout

It is also possible to lock all widgets with one click. To lock the whole layout click on Lock layout in the right panel.

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  1. benjamin November 2, 2021 at 1:54 am - Reply

    how can I download a PDF from my already edited in editor template

    • admin November 2, 2021 at 1:12 pm - Reply

      The “download pdf” link is not visible in the template editor. If you are in the editor, you would need to quit the editor first by clicking any program´s name in the left column. After that the “download pdf” link will appear at the top of the middle frame.

      Also, make sure your custom template is actually selected as a company (or program) template. Please see https://www.fundpeak.com/factsheet-production-help/choose-tearsheet-template-for-my-program/ for more information about choosing templates.

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