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Calculate Instruments from Trades import

It is possible to import program’s instruments and top instruments using trades import.

1. It is advised to delete current instruments prior to the import otherwise your instruments and numbers can get mixed up. Instruments can be deleted under Company profile in Mass Portfolio Composition Import section. See the second section of Delete data for more information.

2. It is also advised to delete trades. Trades for all programs can be deleted under Company profile in Mass Trades Import section.

3. Upload your file. For more information please see the second section of this topic. The sample file is available here.

4. Before clicking on the Save button tick the “Calculate portfolio composition from trades” check-box.

5. Hit Save button.

The IsTop column can be used to distinguish between instruments and top instruments. Instruments with value 1 will be imported to Top Instruments section. Instruments with value 0 will be imported to Instruments section.

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