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Client Portal

Use a fully customized and password-protected client portal to link individual clients to their reports. Manage client reports and your regular fund factsheets in a single user interface.

  • Create password-protected client-specific reports
  • Clients can login and see their investments immediately
  • Account overviews are displayed in a fast and easy-to-use format

Use your own domain name

We can set up your client portal so it will be found at that custom domain name on the web (such as

Custom domain name

Manage client reports in TopSheets

Your clients will access their reports on the client portal but you can manage and update them in your TopSheets account – in the same user interface as your regular fund factsheets.

Password-protected reports

We will create a unique login for each user in order to make sure that each user can only view their reports. Again, you can manage your users in the same user interface as your regular factsheets.

Password-protected portal

Fully customizable

Does our standard client portal not suit your needs? We’ll be happy to prepare a unique layout and design for your portal. Pick which charts, statistics, benchmarks, program data or disclaimers to include. Feel free to rename all fields and change their location.

Please contact us for more information.

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