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Import NAV

NAV can be imported in four different ways:

1. Import NAV from an excel file

  • Select a program in the left frame
  • Select Performance Data / Daily Data in the right frame

  • Select Calculate daily data from NAV radio button
  • If you have a file ready, choose the file and upload it by clicking on Save
  • Otherwise download a sample file and adjust it first
  • Choose the file and upload it by clicking on Save

2. Import NAV using API

Please see this topic in our help center for more information about Fundpeak API.

3. Calculate NAV from daily returns

If daily returns are available, it is possible to use NAV statistics.

4. Mass import NAV

1. Go to Company profile / Mass imports / Mass NAV Import

2. Choose a file. See Creating import files for more information about files.
3. If you would like to update monthly or daily performance, tick the “Update Monthly Performance” (Be aware this will overwrite an existing monthly or daily performance track record for all programs).
4. If you are importing new programs you can automatically create new program.
5. Upload the file by clicking on save button.

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