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Mass Portfolio Composition Import

1) Prepare a file with your data

  • The file must be in *.xlsx format. We strongly recommend that you start by downloading a sample file from the admin portal.
  • The Code column must contain a unique program identifier. See this article for more information.
  • The Category column specifies the name of the section in the admin portal where the data will be uploaded. Possible values: Stock Sectors, Futures Sectors, REIT Sectors, Other Sectors, Investment Exposure, Geographic Exposure, Geographic Exposure Regions, Market Cap Exposure, Credit Rating, Instruments, Top Instruments, ESG Score.
  • The Field column includes the name of the item, for example sector (Energy), rating (AA+) or country (United Kingdom, Asia,…). See this article for a list of main fields.
  • To upload historical values, fill in the Date column. If the cell is empty or the Date column is completely missing, data will be loaded as current values.

2) Upload your file

  • Go to Company Profile / Mass Imports and click “Mass Portfolio Composition Import” (see picture below).
  • Select a file and click save.

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