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Line breaks vs Paragraphs

Line breaks

Line breaks (br elements) are created by pressing ENTER while typing. They push a text to the next line. Two line breaks create visually separated blocks of text similar to paragraphs. If “paragraphs” created by double line breaks add too much blank space between the blocks of text, try using paragraphs.


Paragraphs (p elements) are created by pressing SHIFT+ENTER while typing. They add less blank space between blocks of text and therefore represent more efficient way to format your text.

How to use paragraphs step by step

1. Open the text editor in Topsheets
2. Copy your text and paste it into the text editor.

Please note “Paste as plain text” method is always recommended to make sure the text is pasted without formatting. See Copy and paste content… for more information.

3. Create paragraphs

Place cursor into the text and create paragraphs using SHIFT+ENTER.

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