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Choose template for my program

There are two different ways to choose a template:

  • You can either choose a template for all of your programs.
  • Or select a template for a specific program only.

There are 19 standard templates available. These are ready made and our users are able to customize these only to a certain extent. For more information go to custom templates and templates customization.

1) Choose template for all programs

  • Click “Choose template” in the left frame (see picture below).
  • Select one of the standard templates in the right editing frame (see picture below).
  • You can also choose colour and font (see picture below).
  • Click “Save”.


2) Choose template for specific program only

  • Select a program in the left frame (see picture below).
  • Click the three dots icon above the middle frame (see picture below).
  • Click “Change template” (see picture below).
  • The rest of the process is the same as above.

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