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Mass data import

Take advantage of fund factsheet automation. The mass data imports allow you to to import performance data for multiple fund factsheets in a few clicks.

1) Prepare the file

  • Start by downloading our sample file from Company profile / Mass imports
  • When editing the file make sure that every column (program) has an unique title (code), see below.
  • The program code can be edited in the Program terms section, see below. Please note, that the program code must not be longer than 20 characters.
  • The order of the columns does not need to be in the same order as the list of programs as shown inside Topsheets.
  • The file can contain only a subset of your programs. You can always update the rest of the programs afterwards.

Fund factsheet data import - screenshot

2) Uploading the file

  • Click on Company profile.
  • In Mass Imports section, please select a type of import (e. g. Mass Monthly Data Import).
  • Select your file and click Save.
  • Tick the “Create new programs for unallocated codes” checkbox if you would like to create new programs for codes which are not assigned to any program.

Fund factsheet automation software - screenshot


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