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Risk Rating

We use a standard deviation model. When a standard deviation (annualized by default) falls into given intervals, then an appropriate “risk number” is displayed.

Change risk rating settings

It is possible to calculate risk rating using annualized standard deviation (ESMA) or to use only 5 or 7 intervals. To change risk rating settings:

  • mouseover the risk rating section in the dashboard preview and click “Edit settings” (see picture below).
  • select appropriate interval or statistic in the dropdown menu

Set custom risk rating value

It is also possible to set the risk rating to any required any value. To custom risk rating value:

  • Select a program in the left frame. Then go to the right frame / More information / Other program terms (see picture below).
  • Scroll down to the rating section and select a value in the Risk rating dropdown menu (see picture below).

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