/What is a widget and how to add one to a website?

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What is a widget and how to add one to a website?

Widget is a small application with limited functionality which can be installed and executed within a web page. It contains a part of your fund tearsheet (i. e. chart, table or statistic) and displays it on an external website.

Adding widgets to a website

  • Select a program in the left frame. Go to the right frame and click Widgets (see picture below).
  • In the middle frame choose a widget which you would like to display on your website (see picture below).
  • Copy the script below widget by clicking on “Copy To Clipboard” (see picture below).
  • Insert script into your website

The WordPress editor both autoformats your text and restricts the types of tags that are inserted into your content. Blocking the ability to insert scripts is a security feature.

Fund factsheet production software - screenshot

Fund factsheet production software - screenshot2

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