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Templates customization

There are 19 standard templates available in Topsheets. It is possible to customize these templates in 3 different ways (see below). Please be aware that adjustments made to a template will affect all programs using the template. Please see Program and template adjustments for more information.

1. Customization in report preview

1. 1. Edit settings

Smaller changes can be made in the report preview frame. For example to manage items in a table (e. g. statistics or general info) mouse-over the section and click “edit settings” icon. Editing settings works for charts (and other sections) as well. Depending on the widget it is possible to adjust e. g. chart type, axis starting points, pdf page-breaks etc.

1. 2. Edit titles and labels

To change various headings and labels mouse-over the text and click it once it´s background changes to blue. See screenshots below or Edit and customize titles, headings and texts for more details.

2. Template editor

If you would like to change factsheet´s layout (e. g. add or remove sections, tables and charts), you can do that in our template editor. Please note that not every standard template is ready to be opened in the editor yet. We continually keep adding more templates.

3. Order a Custom template

We are able to create a custom template based on your requirements. We should be able to meet all your demands (e. g. custom layout, unique design etc.). If you provide us with your marketing materials, we will prepare a custom template based on these materials. The price (one-time charge) for creating a custom factsheet template depends on the difficulty. If you would be interested, please send us an email to

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