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Add new programs

There are a couple of different ways to create new programs. To create multiple programs at once mass-import tool can be used (see point 3. below).

1. Create a single program

To create a brand new program click the “+ new program” link in the left sidebar.

Enter your program´s name and select an asset class. Please note that fields displayed in the administration are based on the program´s asset class. See this topic for more information.
You can also give the new program a code, which can later be used as a program identifier for various imports. All of this information can be edited under Program terms if needed.

2. Create a duplicate of a program

To create a duplicate of an existing program right-click program´s name in the left sidebar to open a context menu. Then click “copy”.

3. Create multiple new programs using mass-import

Use one of the mass-imports to create multiple programs at once. Every “performance” mass-import (monthly data, daily data, quarterly data and NAV) includes a checkbox, which creates new programs for “unknown” codes. Please see Mass data import article for more information.

Enter or upload program´s data

New program´s data can be entered manually (e. g. under Performance data, Program Terms, Strategy / Style sections) or uploaded from an excel file. Please see Uploading monthly performance or Mass data import articles for more information.

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