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Copy and paste content without formatting

Formatting issues may occur when copying content from external applications such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Especially when you copy text from Google Docs and paste it into Topsheets, a bunch of extra HTML code gets inserted into the text which overrides the default formatting and causes problems. See the tips below how to copy and paste the right way and avoid these issues.

1. Paste plain text

Use the “Paste as plain text” icon to paste the content or use a shortcut CTRL+SHIT+V (CMD+SHIT+V on Mac). This removes all HTML code from the inserted content and is the safest option. You may need to recreate some of the text elements, see point 4 below.

2. Paste from Word

The “Paste from Word” icon works similarly but removes only some of the HTML code. For example bulleted list will be inserted as plain bulleted list. This may save you some work but is not as safe as “plain text”.

3. Remove formatting

If you already pasted your text and it contains formatting (e. g. inline css styles), use the “Remove Format” button to remove it. This function should remove only styling not HTML elements.

4. Recreate elements

With more complicated texts which contain headlines and lists it may be necessary to delete everything first. Then paste the content as plain text and recreate elements (e. g. headings or lists) using our text editor.

5. Check the source code

This would work only for users who are familiar with HTML. Click the “Source” icon to display the code and remove any unneccessary HTML tags. See this topic for more information about¬†editing HTML code.

6. Contact support

If you just can not get rid of the formatting issues contact as at We will be glad to help.

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