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Use FTP to update my factsheets

It is possible to upload your data files to FTP and then have Topsheets automatically update your factsheets. The import is performed automatically once a day at 5 am GMT. To set up the FTP import go to Performance Data / Auto-Import (see image below). It has to be enabled at least for one program in order to work (no need to set it up for more). There are two basic options available: custom FTP server or our FTP server.

1. Import data from custom FTP

Any FTP server can be used. Please use sftp:// prefix for secure FTP connection. For more information about filenames conventions please see bottom of this topic.

Important note: All imported files are moved to “Processed” directory. This directory either has to be present in the target location (you will have to create it) or the user (see FTP Login on image below) must be granted privileges to create directories on your FTP.

2. Import data from our FTP

If you would like to upload the data to our FTP, please contact us so we can create an account for you. After receiving the login credentials upload your data (or have them automatically sent) to Please use passive transition mode.


It is necessary to use the correct filenames otherwise the import will not be performed.

  • monthlyperformance.xlsx (or monthly performance.xlsx )
  • dailyperformance.xlsx
  • trades.xlsx
  • portfoliocomposition.xlsx (or portfoliocomposition.xlsx)
  • fundterms.xlsx (or fund terms.xlsx)
  • instruments.xlsx

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