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Articles are custom text boxes which can contain simple text as well as html or images and can be used for various purposes. They are usually used to add extra text content to the report. Another common usage is to replace standard element (e. g. general information table) with customized html element. Please see Adding images to articles for more information about this topic.

See also our topic about Importing Fund Terms.

1. Company and program articles

Company articles display the same content on all programs (e. g. custom contact details section). They can be accessed under Company profile / Articles.

Program articles display different content on every program (e. g. custom top 5 instruments table). They can be accessed under Program articles after selecting a program or by clicking the “edit content” icon.

2. Creating articles

Please note that articles are not part of our default templates. They can be added to any custom template either on our end or in the template editor. To create a new article in the editor simply drag the “New Custom Text” element to your report (see image below).

Every article is originally created as company article. If you edit a company article by clicking the “edit content” icon, then a program article is created.

3. Translating articles

Program articles are translated the same way as other text sections (e. g. strategy description). Please see How to translate my factsheets for more information.

Company articles can only be translated under Company profile / Articles using a language dropdown list.

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