We’re happy to announce that we have completely redesigned our website! You can now enjoy a better design and user-friendly navigation.

It has not changed a lot design-wise. The purpose of creating a new website was to refine the way we present our work and to better tell the story of how we help our customers sell their products.

You may not be aware that we have been helping our clients to sell more for over 14 years. Today we provide 3 main services:

1. Fund tearsheet production

Our TopSheets service allows you to create professional fund factsheets using well designed tearsheet templates, charts, comprehensive statistics and ratings.

2. Fund portals

Fund portal is suited for companies which maintain a large number of portfolios. It can be seamlessly implemented into any website and can be fully customized based on customer’s requirements. Your leads can use it to search and compare investment programs taking advantage of numerous filters and parameters.

3. Managed futures database

Feel free to use our platform which helps managed futures fund managers to connect with investors. The database also provides under-laying data for informed investment decision and ongoing performance monitoring.