Beer production has a long history in the Czech Republic and drinking beer is an ingrained part of our tradition. No other nation consumes more beer per capita than the Czechs. With all that said, it should come as no surprise that our work Christmas party took place in a local brewery called Svijany.

The brewery is located in a village Svijany which is about 15 minutes by bus from our office. It was founded in 1564 and produces mainly typical Czech beer – pale lager.

Yes, we went on a tour of the brewery and learnt many interesting facts. Did you know that Svijany does not chemically treat or pasteurize their beer so it retains the clean hoppy taste and aroma?

Of course the culmination of the tour was a tasting of unfiltered Svijany beer in the cellars. They make about 16 different beers today. Luckily we were not allowed to taste all of them.