Would you like to allow clients to individually access information about their investments? Then use our client portal and link individual investors to reports which are tailored just for them. Investors can log into the portal and see their investments immediately in an easy-to-use format.

Password-protected reports

Clients use unique credentials to access the portal which allows them to only see fund tearsheets on their accounts.

Use your own domain name

The portal can be made available at your own, non-fundpeak domain name (e. g. clientportal.yourwebsite.com).

Manage client reports in Topsheets

Investors access reports on the client portal but you can manage and update their reports via your Topsheets account – in the same user interface as your regular fund tearsheets created using our fund fact sheet automation tool.

Fully customizable

Does the standard layout or design not suit your needs? We are happy to tailor the portal to meet your specific requirements.