Fundpeak is excited to bring a new feature into its fundsheet production. TopSheets‘ Widgets will bring simplicity to your reports, allowing you to save time by quickly connecting your website with a factsheet. By using widgets, you can easily create a dynamic version of your tables and charts.

Widgets are a sophisticated way to easily add a part or the whole factsheet to your website. This tool will allow you to regularly change content and create a dynamic website. Another benefit of widgets is that it allows you to add functionality to your website, without the need to do the programming yourself, the development simply gets outsourced to us.

Fundpeak designs your widgets based on your current template or according to your specific demands.

How to use widgets in TopSheets:

  • Copy and paste the widget script into your website.
  • Each component of the factsheet can be replaced according to your requirements.
  • Update your data in the admin portal.
  • When you change the data, all statistics and charts are synchronized automatically across the entire factsheet widget.
  • We can add customized color themes according to your requirements.

Become a TopSheets user and test out the advantages of widgets for your factsheets.