How often do you think about branding for your business? Are you aware that one of the most important places to brand your business is in URLs?

This might not be easy, if you’re using an external application such as our fund fact sheet automation tool to create your fund factsheets. Luckily for you it is rather simple to create custom URLs for reports in Topsheets and give your marketing a little extra branding.

How It Works

By default, your performance reports URL will include our domain “”. It is possible to set up Topsheets so that your factsheets will be found at your domain, e.g. “”.

If you would like to do that, simply head to your company profile, scroll down to the bottom of the section and fill in the Custom URL field. After that you only need to add a DNS record to your domain (see our Help Center for more information) and you are done.

Purchase Access to Custom Domains

Please note that the custom URL feature is available only for Topsheets Plus and Topsheets Enterprise subscribers.