Are you considering fund factsheet automation? Do you produce your precise fund factsheets on a regular basis, but are unsure whether to create the reports manually or automate the whole production process?

In the past, most managers used office productivity softwares, like MS Office, to produce factsheets. Excel was a great tool to do calculations and create charts, but nowadays this software tends to be outdated and unprofessional. With modern technology and new progressive apps, the automation of fund factsheets production is becoming the way to go.

Is it better to produce fund factsheets manually or automatically generate them with an app?

Manual Creation – Opportunity for Errors

Manually creating fund factsheets can be a time-consuming process.

First thing you need to do is gather all the data you need, sometimes from different sources.This data and information needs to be revised to ensure there are no errors, while all calculations need to be done and double checked. In this case, most managers will use external software to calculate statistics and performance to save some time. Afterwards the whole fund factsheet needs to be reviewed again and approved.

With the manual creation of fund factsheets there are also plenty opportunities for errors and often more than one person is required to complete an impressive fund factsheet.

Plenty of work for a bunch of people

Firstly every manager needs and wants to impress their clients, this means that reports have to be well designed. Many times, managers will outsource the design of the fund factsheet to another person. Adding additional time to the process.

The next step includes adding text to the fund factsheet, such as a disclaimer, strategy description and footnotes. As this is a manual process, the text needs to be repositioned and reformatted numerous times to ensure it fits into the layout and design of the report.

Fund factsheets usually contain charts and tables, which need to be eye catching and easy to read. Chart creation sometimes requires external software and another person to create them. All the numbers in the created charts and tables need to be double checked to ensure they are correct.

Extra fees for extra software

The most used output format for fund factsheets is a PDF file. If you are producing fund factsheets manually, some software can’t convert it into the required format. This problem can be solved, but requires the purchasing of additional software.

The publication of the report can also prove to be problematic. When creating reports manually you are mostly limited to simply placing the finished factsheet on your website or sending it manually via email in Office format or a PDF file.

Fund Factsheet Automation – Time Saving and Accurate

Fund factsheet automation can save a lot of time. The new technology empowers management firms to work smarter, not harder. It reduces the number of people involved in the production process and can all be done by a single person.

If you use automated factsheet production, you don’t need to spend a lot of time gathering the data and don’t need to wait for data to be loaded. For the majority of automated production softwares all the imported data and information are displayed in the relevant fields and updating is simplified.

Save time and reduce costs

Most automated systems also allow you to see a real-time preview of your document, so you always know what you need to change immediately on the current version of your fund factsheet. This real-time preview feature also speeds up the production and proof-reading of the document.

Companies can reduce the cost of the production process and managers can avoid the common errors that could be made during the manual production of a document.

Create factsheets within a few minutes

With fund factsheet automation, statistics are automatically calculated. Managers can also expect various other great features, such as allocation calculations, comparatives and other simple arithmetic amends that managers require in order to present data effectively.

Automated factsheet generators will also be able to produce documents in different high quality outputs such as PDF. Working in an automated factsheet application, like our own TopSheets, is very easy to use.

Would you like to create a fund factsheet in a few minutes? All you need is to import your numbers and information into the system and everything is automatically produced, including tables and charts.

Using the widgets feature makes the whole process of publishing your fund factsheet on your website incredibly quick and easy. Each report is also translatable into different languages such as German, French, Spanish, Swedish or Chinese.


In this day and age, with the advances in technology, the manual creation of factsheets is definitely not the solution for companies. Firms tend to struggle with the long process time of creating the factsheets, which can also involve numerous people to design an impressive final product.

The fund factsheets automation can save a lot of time. The new technology empowers management firms to work smarter, not harder. It reduces the number of people involved in the production process, allowing the whole process to be completed by a single person. . .

There’s also no need to struggle with the calculation of statistics and the creation of charts and tables – all changes in your report are updated immediately. The real-time preview of the document speeds up the production and proofing process, allowing companies to reduce the overall cost and avoid common errors.

The comparison table below gives you a quick overview of the main differences between manual and app-generated fund factsheets:

Manual Creation

  • Timely process that slows the creation of a fund factsheet.

  • Requires focusing on one section of a document.

  • Formatting of layout and design requires more than one revision.

  • Date or content is mostly gathered from external sources or a separate program.

  • Manual creation of charts or tables requires external programs.

  • Final document formatting and adjusting style for PDF output or other formats.

  • More than one person is needed to create a fund factsheet, leading to a slow creation process.

Factsheet Automation

  • The automated solution generates fact sheets significantly faster.

  • Allows for the ability to work simultaneously on different sections of a document.

  • Everything on the factsheet can be changed or improved within seconds.

  • Data or content updates can be shared automatically across multiple documents

  • Charts and tables are automatically created within the application.

  • Multiple output formats are generated automatically in the app.

  • Increases staff productivity and brings your fund factsheet faster to the market.