Fundpeak newly offers a simple way to manage and release KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs to the marketplace. Our solution is fully integrated with your existing fund factsheets, which ensures that any updates are immediately rendered.

EUWhat is a KIID?

Fund groups who market their funds for sale within Europe must produce a document for each fund (at share class level) called a Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

What is the difference between a KIID and a PRIIPs KID??

Simply put, KID is a simplified version of KIID. Both KIID and KIDs (Key Information Documents) are documents designed to help investors to understand investment products behaviour and support comparison with other similar investment products.

Both documents provide key information about the fund including the charges, risk rating and investment profile.

Use TopSheets to produce KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs

Our fund factsheet production sofware combines all components that are required to fulfil the legal and regulatory obligations of issuers and distributors. With our products, you can create and receive the necessary PRIIP and KIID documents.