We are happy to present a new type of import which allows you to upload or update your fund terms. It is another handy functionality which aims to help you with creating fund factsheets more effectively.

Are you managing large number of funds? Using this tool fund terms can be imported to single or multiple funds in a few clicks. All your fund tearsheets will then be updated immediately.

Update multiple funds in a few clicks

The proces is similar to other mass imports available in our fund factsheet production tool. If you are familiar with these, you are likely to experience no problems.

If mass imports sound unfamiliar to you, then you might like to read more about them in our Help Center. It is one of the fund factsheet automation functions which can save you a lot of time when updating fund tearsheets.

The following fields are currently supported:

• Name
• Minimum investment
• Management fee
• Incentive fee
• Strategy description
• Key highlights
• Fund manager bio
• Trading style
• Program disclaimer
• Ticker
• Benchmarks