Topsheets provide thousands of indexes, which are now available for your programs.

  • Reliable source of information
  • Indexes are up-to-date and with a full performance history
  • Charts and statistics will automatically adjust to the chosen index

Benchmarks are important to compare your performance against an appropriate benchmark. In the financial area, there are dozens of indexes that analysts use to gauge the performance of any given investment.

You can choose what benchmark you would like to display in your fund factsheets. We provide the most used benchmarks as S&P 500, SG CTA Index or MSCI indexes and many more. We use data for benchmarks from Reuters/MetaStock.

Create a custom benchmark

If you can’t find the desired index or one that suits your needs, you can create a custom benchmark and upload its returns. Then you can add custom benchmark to your fund factsheet and charts and statistics will adjust automatically.

Custom Benchmark Image