It is no longer true that Excel charts and its analytical tools are the only option available to present your fund data to clients. Excel has become a rather outdated solution and in today’s busy world, people want quick insight into a fund’s performance.

Avoid Using Static Tables and Charts to Present Your Report

The typical way of publishing your fund data on your website for clients may be to use static tables and charts. But this solution does have disadvantages as your tables and charts aren’t dynamic and interactive.

In these days of modern technology, there are other solutions, as explained in this article, that will allow you to present your fund data in an interactive way and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

#1 Share Your Factsheet As a PDF

The first way to add your fund factsheets to your website is to use a generally accepted file format, such as PDF, which clients can download using a link.

In Topsheets it is easy to save your factsheet as a PDF file onto your device.

Companies often use PDF files when reporting their performance to clients. A PDF download is an effective solution if clients want to download the entire report as a single document. But it’s not the most useful way to display factsheets on your website.

#2 Embed a Report Into Your Page

The second way to add your fund factsheets to your website is to embed the factsheet using IFrames. An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.

Our fund factsheet production tool also provides this solution for displaying factsheets, but this option has become less popular with website owners and tends to be outdated.

#3 Use Widgets – a Dynamic Version of Your Tables and Charts

The final way to add your fund factsheets to your website is to use Topsheets widgets . Web widgets are a great way to increase engagement with users and provide an easy way to share content.

You can easily add tables and charts directly into your website using widgets. It takes just a few clicks to create the actual widgets with your fund data, simply copy the script of the widget and insert it into your website.

Website widget Image

Topsheets also provides interactive widgets so you can select a specific time period you would like to display. What is even more useful is that Topsheets widgets can be updated automatically. Using Topsheets widgets is the most efficient way to display your data and add fund factsheets to your website.