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Install an EA to MT4

To install an Expert Advisor (EA) to MT4
1. Download the EA to your desktop.
2. Right click to “copy” the EA.
3. Open MT4.
4. Click File -> Open data folder –> MQL –> Experts
5. Right click and “paste” the EA into this folder.
6. Close your MT4 and reopen it.
7. Add the EA into any charts and set the EA (see below)  – hash (in Topsheets under My Profile – Edit – Connections) and Program ID (in Topsheets – Programs – More Information). Please see this topic to learn how to get the program´s ID.

To allow the EA in your MT4 (see picture below)
8. go to Tools –> Options –> Expert Advisors and check Allow automated trading, Allow DLL imports and Allow WebRequest for listed URL (add https://api.fundpeak.com there).

To disable auto-import
9. Delete the EA in your MT4 terminal.

Update interval
When you open the MT4 – then every 5min when there is a change (new trades etc)

History Import
In order to import the whole MT4 history – go to Terminal / choose Account History tab / right-click in the tab area / choose All History. See https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/overview/terminal/terminal_account_history for more information.

Open Trade Equity
Please note, we only use close trade equity for daily return calculations now.

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