Introducing API Limits

As our client base grows, so does the number of applications we’re dealing with. To help control this growth we’re introducing a limit on API requests.

Quickly & Easily Edit Content in Your Factsheets

We deal with various client requests on a daily basis, so we are well aware that the more you can customize your fund factsheets the better. Today we would like to present another feature which is aiming to give our clients more control over what is displayed in their tearsheets. ... read more

Add ETFs to Your Portfolio in a Few Clicks

Easily add exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, or stocks to your portfolio factsheets. You can choose from thousands of automatically updated securities. Reliable source of information Updated automatically on a regular basis Set total investment and leverage Build a portfolio in topsheets

Connect TopSheets to R. J. O’Brien or FCStone

Keeping performance reports up to date is a necessity but when managing a number of portfolios this task can be very time consuming. That is why our fund factsheet tool offers an auto-import feature which allows clients to import financial data directly from brokers and data providers. We have recently ... read more

New and Improved Navigation Design

We’ve introduced a slick and elegant re-design of TopSheets menus and navigation features. These enhancements represent another important step toward providing you with the best possible user experience and making TopSheets as intuitive as possible. Explore new design

TopSheets Has Moved to a More Secure Server

We understand that our users expect a secure and private online experience when using TopSheets. That's why we've moved our services to a new and better protected server. Your data are safe, secure, and immediately available 24/7 guaranteed accessibility Improved server response time Enjoy an improved experience

Import Daily Data for Multiple Funds at once

There is a new function available that makes your work a bit easier when creating fund factsheets. The function is called Mass Daily Data Import and it enables you to import daily data for multiple portfolios in a few clicks. If you’ve already used Mass Monthly Data Import, then this ... read more

Produce Multiple PDF Reports With One Click

Do you manage a lot of factsheets? Let TopSheets automatically generate PDF reports for all of your factsheets with a single click. Incredibly useful if you manage multiple programs Reports are automatically saved to your own FTP account A simple way to backup all your factsheets Get more information

Add Portfolio Widgets to Your Website

Widgets, a favorite tool for TopSheets users, is now also available for reports created in the portfolio builder. Simply copy and paste the widget into your website. It takes just a few clicks. Add Widgets to my Website

Find All Your Receipts in a Central Place

Receipts for credit card payments are now included in a separate module called Payments. You will find all your payments here and can also choose a specific payment and quickly generate the invoice. All from a central place. View my receipts

Show Quarterly Returns in Your Reports

Are your returns best expressed on a quarterly basis? Do monthly statistics not give an accurate expression of your performance. Sharpe, Sortino, and many other statistics can be now calculated on a quarterly basis. Create quarterly fund factsheet

New Client Reporting Tool Available

Use a fully customized and password-protected client portal to link individual clients to their reports. Manage client reports and your regular fund factsheets in a single user interface. Create password-protected client-specific reports Clients can login and see their investments immediately Account overviews are displayed in a fast and easy-to-use format ... read more

Manage your Funds in Redesigned Admin

We are excited to offer our customers the next generation of our user interface, and delighted to make it easier, faster and more intuitive for you to manage your company profile and edit your funds. The new administration experience provides improved fresh new look, powerful admin panels, but most importantly, ... read more

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