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TopSheets Widgets – Add Charts and Tables Directly to Your Website

Fundpeak is excited to bring a new feature into its fundsheet production. TopSheets‘ Widgets will bring simplicity to your reports, allowing you to save time by quickly connecting your website with a factsheet. By using widgets, you can easily create a dynamic version of your tables and charts. Widgets are ... read more

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Display Top Performing Funds on your Website

Improve the service you offer to your investors on your website! Integrate our new free widget which allows you to display TOP performing funds from our CTA Database. CTA rankings offer more than a simple funds performance comparison. Our main goal is to provide your visitors with underlaying data for ... read more

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Get Better Visual Experience with Interactive Charts

No more boring numbers! New Dynamic Charts easily create powerful visuals helping tell your data a story. Scrollable and zoomable Easily adjusted to match your corporate colors Supports all modern browsers Exported as an image in PDF reports New charts are available both for the TopSheets and Tailor users

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