Customize Your Factsheet Template in the Editor

There are more than 20 ready made fund tearsheet templates available in Topsheets today. Still our clients keep asking for various custom adjustments to their fund factsheets. We are always happy to create custom tearsheet templates on our end, but what if our clients could prepare better-suited reports themselves?

2 New Templates for Your Fund Factsheets

We have added another two new fund factsheet templates to our template collection. There are currently 18 different templates available in Topsheets. Every ready-made tearsheet template is well-designed and offers an unique and elegant look. Performance Plus This is a brand new factsheet template with a fresh design that highlights ... read more

Display and Analyze Trades in Your Portfolio Factsheets

Displaying trades is now available not only for programs, but also for portfolios. It is possible to display trades for all programs in your portfolio factsheets. Here is how you can make that happen. First of all upload information about your trades to TopSheets. When managing multiple programs this would ... read more

Easily Edit Various Fields in Your Fund Factsheets

We are constantly trying to make work with fund factsheet templates as intuitive as possible. That is why we have recently added a new feature which allows Topsheets users to edit various fields right in their tearsheet simply by clicking on them. This way fields such as chart titles, statistic ... read more

Show Fundamental Statistics in Your Factsheets

Fundamental statistics are used for the valuation of companies that have publicly traded shares. Several different fundamental statistics are used among analysts, traders or investors. Some of these fundamental statistics are now available in your TopSheets reports. Undervalued or overvalued stocks? With fundamental statistics, anyone who considers to investing in ... read more

Fund Factsheet Automation or Manual Production

Are you considering fund factsheet automation? Do you produce your precise fund factsheets on a regular basis, but are unsure whether to create the reports manually or automate the whole production process? In the past, most managers used office productivity softwares, like MS Office, to produce factsheets. Excel was a ... read more

3 Easy Ways to Add Fund Factsheets to Your Website

It is no longer true that Excel charts and its analytical tools are the only option available to present your fund data to clients. Excel has become a rather outdated solution and in today's busy world, people want quick insight into a fund's performance. Avoid Using Static Tables and Charts ... read more

Benchmark Your Fund Returns with Indexes

Topsheets provide thousands of indexes, which are now available for your programs. Reliable source of information Indexes are up-to-date and with a full performance history Charts and statistics will automatically adjust to the chosen index Benchmarks are important to compare your performance against an appropriate benchmark. In the financial area, ... read more

Connect TopSheets to MT4 and Myfxbook

Use the most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader 4. Easily import your data and let TopSheets to display them in well-designed fund factsheets. Quick installation and setup Analyze performance, risk and investment styles Visualize Forex data in a user-friendly way Not only does TopSheets allow you to import your data ... read more

Display and Analyze Trades in Your Factsheets

Import your trades and display them in well-designed fund factsheets. Upload information about your trades to TopSheets and let our SW to create a beautiful charts and tables. Get a quick overview of the most traded markets, display your market exposure in charts, and perform statistical calculations on imported data. ... read more

Translate Your Reports into Five Languages

All default Topsheets templates are now available in five major languages. Provide your foreign clients with factsheets in English, French, Spanish, German or Chinese. Select the language easily from the dropdown list at the top bar and Topsheets will provide you with the translated version of template. Just one click ... read more

QR code: Now available for your Fund Factsheet

It can be challenging to create your own QR code for your fund factsheet. That is why we have added new functionality to our fund factsheet production tool. The functionality allows you to add a QR code onto your factsheet template and easily promote your business. What are the advantages ... read more

Choose Between Five Default Fund Factsheet Templates

We have added two new factsheet templates, to our current three default templates. As always they come in four different colors and two design versions. You now have a choice of 40 possible combinations! The new financial templates have been designed especially for stock and bond managers who want to ... read more

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