Easily Manage Users on your Client Portal

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Topsheets is not merely a tool for fund factsheet production. It also offers fully customized and password-protected client portal which helps administrators to link individual clients to their strategies and portfolios.

Recently, the user management has been enhanced a little. If you are interested what is going on, then keep on reading.

New features for administrators

Administrators can easily create new users and assign them roles (privileges). They can also link users to their fund factsheets and portfolios.

There are filtering and sorting options available to help administrators search and organize users. Users can be filtered by their roles. They can be also sorted based on a number of properties such as name, number of visits, number of portfolios etc.

When examining a particular user in detail there is a clear overview of user´s activity and visited programs.

Client reporting tool

Use password-protected client portal to link individual clients to their reports. Manage performance factsheets and your regular fund factsheets in a single user interface.

  • Create password-protected client-specific reports
  • Clients can login and see their investments immediately
  • Account overviews are displayed in a fast and easy-to-use format

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