Factsheet Components: Even a QR code can be included in the factsheet

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Topsheets provides fund information divided into several different categories. These categories consist of various well designed components.

You are able to create an informative factsheet where the text, charts and images are combined according to your needs, allowing you to present your fund in an original way. All information can be included in the factsheet, even a QR code.

The basic groups of components included in Topsheets are:
  • Fund Basic (static) Information provides a description of your fund, the strategy, and an overview of other corporate information. As it will describe your company, you can decide on the most important information that you want to display here.

    Examples of components include: Strategy description, Trading style, Key features, Fund terms, Fees, Contact information, Fund manager biography, Manager photo, Company introduction, and Monthly commentary.

  • Fund Performance is the section of the report where you can display the performance of your fund. You can choose to include any financial information in this section, for example, the history and development of your fund over the previous years).

    Examples of components include: Monthly performance table, Statistics (single statistics in a table), VAMI chart, Drawdown report, Return report, Drawdown chart, Time window analysis, Correlations, Risk/return chart, Up Captures/Down capture vs benchmark, Distribution of monthly returns, Style analysis, Volatility chart, and Rolling ROR chart

    mt chart

  • Portfolio Composition provides a breakdown of the portfolio’s investment strategy. The information about your portfolio allocation can be displayed in many ways and can represent your investment activity for each market and commodity. Your customized report can show a comparison and a structure of your portfolio based on your specific needs.

    Examples of components include: Top 10 holdings, Country (regional) exposure, Sector exposure, Market exposure, Market cap exposure, Credit rating (for fixed income), Brutto vs netto exposure, Latest trades, Open trades, REIT sector exposure (for real estate), Directional exposure, and Asset allocation.

    report comp

  • Other includes any additional information that you want to include in your factsheet that hasn’t been covered off above.

    Examples of components include: Ratings, Awards, Risk profile, Disclaimers
The structure of a factsheet generated in Topsheets is determined by the template selected by the user. The template allows you to customize every aspect of the factsheet such as the layout, color scheme, the positioning of charts and tables, etc. Try the free demo version of Topsheets and view the selected components that are represented on the factsheet.

Is there any component missing? Let us know and we will create it for you.
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