Create Factsheets in Colours and Fonts that you Like

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TopSheets’ users are not limited to basic colour schemes. Set your own template´s colour and choose between five different font types.

We all know how important the colour and the font style is within designing your fund factsheet. Explore Topsheets´palette of colours and style of fonts to create the perfect fund factsheet.

The design of your factsheet is very significant for presenting your data to clients and showing your fund to investors. Fundpeak allows you to combine beautiful colours with professional fonts and makes your report remarkable.

Present your fund factsheet in the same design as you use on your web sites or in your presentations. Use colours and fonts exactly according to your needs.

Even if you have a concrete wish or request how your report should look like, our team is prepared to build a custom factsheet for you. Let us create a factsheet for you in the same design as your fund !

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