2 New Templates for Your Fund Factsheets

Monday, December 10, 2018
We have added another two new fund factsheet templates to our template collection. There are currently 18 different templates available in Topsheets. Every ready-made tearsheet template is well-designed and offers an unique and elegant look.

Performance Plus

This is a brand new factsheet template with a fresh design that highlights fund´s performance. It is well-arranged as all of its sections are clearly separated but still good-looking.


Alpha Plus (Quarterly)

This template offers exactly the same layout and design as one of our time-proven classics - Alpha Plus. However, this one is based on quarterly performance.


Quickly & Easily Edit Content in Your Factsheets

As with all of our ready-made fund factsheet templates you can change templates´s main color and font settings. This way you can easily adjust your factsheet design to suit your needs.

If you would like to customize your template´s content, feel free to take advantage of the edit and settings icons which are present in the top right corner of each section in the report preview frame.
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