Tailor Made Financial Portals

Tailor implements an investment database into your website. It then becomes its internal part, fully customized based upon your requirements.

Our clients´ leads use Tailor to search and rank investment programs, create watchlist and multi-manager portfolios with the help of 50+ filters and parameters.

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Analytical Tools

analyticsOur technology makes investing easy. There is a great number of tools which make a proper in-depth analysis very straightforward. Investors benefit from 50+ quantitative and 30+ qualitative fact files for each program, so they can analyze performance, risk and investment styles for individual programs as well as understand total portfolio risk characteristics.

Custom Tools

CustomToolsBenchmark or peer to peer studies are also available. Investors can create custom rankings or build robust multi-manager portfolios. All reports can also be stored as pdf files.

Data Visualization


Using our technology investors get a full understanding of the drivers of performance and risk of a particular program or an entire portfolio. They can visualize data in a user friendly way very quickly, which helps them to make better and more informed investment decisions.